A Clash of Coins - Official release!

Hey Everyone!

We finally added some screenshots of our 2-player Coin brawler, after getting some dearly needed good night's sleep. We actually finished uploading 1 minute and 50 seconds before deadline (hahaha), after having packaging problem and fixing those in the last hozur. Our team is located in Berlin, Germany, and so the deadline for submission to the Unreal Spring Jam was 6 o'clock AM which resulted in our team pulling an all-nighter to submit on time.

The last couple of days were very hard because most members of our team are working full-time and so we met up whenever possible to get this thing out of the door. We are currently planning on bringing a small update in the next days which fixes several issues which we had to ignore to submit in time.

1. The interface doesn't scale properly on non-16:9 screens

2. We will replace the Column-assets we used with custom Columns which we design with the artstyle in mind.

3. We will add some nice sounds and atmosphere to the game to improve on it's mood.

4. If we get any feedback concerning bad performance on older hardware we are glad to work on improving performance too.

We are glad that we managed to submit Clash of Coins on time for UNreal 4 Spring Game Jam 2019.


PizzaFestival_ClashOfCoins.zip 439 MB
May 08, 2019

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