Clash of Coins - Let us know what YOU think!

Hi everyone!

Brett (  from out team made a short Gameplay Video so you know what you're getting into before downloading now!

We can't currently upload any Updates or new versions for the game as long as the votes for the Unreal Engine Game Jam are still running but we are working on improving and fixing some small thing behind the scenes. I already fixed some scaling issues we had with the Interface on systems with non-16:9 screens and i'm currently improving movement control and snappiness aswell as control while jumping. We already discussed some small improvement to the visuals and performance too, so stay tuned for further updates on that in the next days.

In the meanwhile I encourage all of you to check out the game (Its's totally FREE) and leave us a comment with your thoughts, things that you like or dislike and general feedback in the comment section, it helps and is hugely appreciated!

Thanks for your time and interest,

Zwi Zausch and the Team

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