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Knock your opponent off the arena in the clouds! Attack, Jump and Smash! But watch out for crumbling tiles and tilting platforms below!

Clash of Coins is a local 2-player brawler created in 5 days for Unreal Game Jam Spring 2019. The theme was "The Other Side of The Coin".



Player 1:

Movement:  WASD

Attack:  F

Jump:  G

Smash Attack:  G and then F

Player 2:

Movement: Arrow Keys

Attack:  O

Jump:  P

Smash Attack:  P and then F

Install instructions

Download, unzip to a desired loaction and double-click the contained "BallGame.exe" file. No Install necessary!


PizzaFestival_ClashOfCoins.zip 439 MB

Development log

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