OddyTree Update 1.1 - better Physics, performance and more tumbling!

Hey Hey Everyone!

I was hard at work yesterday to quickly improve on some aspects of OddyTree which were bugging me, so here's a small changelog!

Update 1.1 is live, which brings you:

1. better performance and a special low-quality mode for low-specced systems with intel integrated graphics - looking at you Lara :)

2. improved physics for fences which now tumble over easier when you run into them

3. improved collision detection for many obstycles and objects ingame

4. improved visuals, postprocessing with warmer overall color-tone aswell as a better font for ingame text.

5. "ESCAPE" now quits the game

I am thinking about pushing this project further but still have to discuss some ideas with the team.

There will definitely be another update with even more improved performance aswell as possibly procedurally generated levels and some more different objects and obstacles. Also we will most likely include sound and music to further improve on the atmosphere.

Please rate and comment and let us know what you think, which heps us a lot!




OddyTree_v1.1.zip 30 MB
Sep 04, 2019

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